Love Blooms

The June 28th issue of People magazine included a picture of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom sharing a kiss. Katy is smooching with eyes shut as her head tilts at an upward angle. Her kiss is not squarely connected to Orlando’s lips. His head is angled away from her. His left eye is open and peering at the cell phone camera in his left hand. Some professional photographer captured this scene. Perhaps Orlando had just positioned his camera and was about to turn back to Katy and snap this spontaneous and beautiful expression of their love. The couple would have done better to just let the paparazzi do the work. We appear more eager to document our lives than to live them. We exhaust ourselves posting on social media platforms instead of basking in the beauty of kisses, flowers, and sunsets we encounter. We feverishly seek props for our next post. I understand the instinct because I give daily WordPress tours of the inside of my head. But I think I am weird. Why is everybody else doing this? Some people have a genuinely generous nature and want to share. But this can lead to dissatisfaction. One theme I hear repeatedly is how annoyed writers are with people who pretend to like their material. Exposing this leads to what? The realization that less people are actually interested than we would like to think? We could theoretically wipe out pretense but we cannot embarrass people into being interested. Early in my marriage I would triumphantly catch my wife not listening to me. Eventually she gave up pretending and told me the reason: I was boring and redundant. Whoa. Why had I headed down that path? So go ahead and give me any kudos you want, no questions asked!

15 thoughts on “Love Blooms

  1. I will join in like the the throngs that follow ESL poets who write Hallmark Moment Poetry with fauning, words of praise, proclaiming your brilliance that touched my soul to its deepest depths, your words speaking the moments of each beat of my heart…
    No wait. That was one of those Like Farmers that has never read of anything anyone else writes but needs at a least 600 hits per post of will die.
    That’s a modern fairy tale in need of writing. Instead of the fairy Godmother saying, “Okay, here’s your second chance but you have to fall in love or you’re really dead” it’ll be “Okay, but you have to write bad enough ‘poetic prose’ about morning dew and delicious touches to hit 600 hits per by midnight October 5th or you’re still dead.”

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  2. I don’t pay much attention to celebrities. Their life doesn’t mimic mine, and it isn’t a life I would want.

    “We exhaust ourselves posting on social media platforms instead of basking in the beauty of kisses, flowers, and sunsets we encounter.” I love this! Frustrating to think how true that is. Donna

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  3. LOL. I totally agree with you. People around me just don’t listen to me. They think I am boring and bookish and absolutely not worth listening to. However I find that people online are more friendly and generous towards what I have to say. So here we go. I remember watching a video of Larry David talking (at an event or something) and he said people around him just don’t feel him interesting or worth listening to. One day he told his mom that he wants to be a comedian and his mom said, “you are not even funny.”

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  4. This is so interesting!! Actually, we are living in a world of screens so we just think about posting new pics on social media and how to convey to friends that we are happy…without giving a thought to live in the moment.

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  5. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I click the like button on every post I read so long as I don’t find myself in strong disagreement with the content. This helps me keep track of what I’ve read, and saves me from the danger of accidentally reading the same thing twice. Needless to say, I clicked the like button on this post.

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