I did about ten minutes of weeding last Wednesday but it took well over an hour. I moved in slow motion as if I were paid by the hour. I could have gone faster if I pushed myself but I try to listen to my body even though it routinely makes poor decisions for us. It once told me I could ski down a run peppered with moguls and I ended up carrying my skis down the slope in a walk of shame after a spectacular fall that should have prompted me to plant those skis as a giant X warning on Mogul Bad Judgment. My body also told me I could strap long slats on my feet and glide over water while a boat pulled me past skilled water skiers. In fairness to my body, we never discovered whether I could so glide because my girl friend’s father was driving the boat and he never gave me a sporting chance to stand up. He won the battle but lost the war when she dumped me for a different chump. Why do we even have to pull up weeds? Some weeds I recognize but I have to ask my wife which plants I should rip out of the ground ever since I made some bad guesses. Humans love to make categories so we can separate people, animals, plants, and minerals into their separate hierarchies. We are very judgmental. I am not even supposed to wear certain colors together because they allegedly clash and will apparently offend the eyes of all who gaze upon me. My mind is now operating in slow motion. I started drafting this post last Wednesday. I have not finished working on it but body and mind are both screaming for me to hit “schedule.”

8 thoughts on “Slowdown

  1. It is a great effort to do the yard work in the heat of the summer. I totally agree with you of your puzzlement on the clashing of colors. I love bright clashing colors and dislike the subdued beige or light brownish stuff that’s so popular. However I’ve been getting used to it now. LOL.

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