Dollar a Day

If someone had given me a dollar a day every day of my life, I would have thought I was rich by age ten if looking at a 1957 bank account balance of $3,653 plus interest. If withdrawal was restricted until age 21, by then I would have been rolling in wealth with over $8400 in savings even earning just 1% interest. I could have bought a brand new Pinto for $2000, avoided the $60 per month payment on my used Mustang, and put half down to buy the two bedroom house my father-in-law was renting us for $110 per month. It took me until age 30 before I could afford a mortgage and buy a home. By then, I missed a huge equity opportunity and wallowed in homeowner debt. I should have put away a dollar a day for each of my three sons from the day they were born. Even though inflation messes with numbers, I could pass out checks in the $20,000 range to my three sons today. That would be fun and memorable. I know because my father once did give me a $1000 check on a random Father’s Day. He never explained his reason. Perhaps he was thrilled with the grandchildren. Or maybe he had been putting a nickel a day away for me! I do not remember what I gave him that Father’s Day. Probably a tie. Probably one of the ties I later inherited. It might be better to set aside ties instead of money. If my wife and I had received too much cash too early in life, we would have argued constantly about how to spend it and likely ended up divorced.


23 thoughts on “Dollar a Day

  1. By the way I hope I didn’t offend you with my comment on your previous post. Nothing intended. ‘Twas just that I love the way you write things!

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  2. I am a hard person to offend, especially the way I write! I was one of those kids who act out in school because negative attention is better than no attention. I do have difficulty going back and forth from my computer to my phone because I cannot seem to comment very easily on my phone and am always opening notification emails out of order. Remember I type with one fat finger! I love your posts and comments. They brighten my day.


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