yaW enO

One Way streets can be very efficient solutions to traffic snarls. But I hate being given no options and told only one way is allowed to do anything. So I bristle and defy for no good reason except for channeling the jerk in me. Last year a video of the futuristic Mercedes-Benz AVTR circulated showing tires that could drive the vehicle sideways like a crab. Of course, the car can go forward and backward as well, so is more like a human. I am crabby, so I long to drive that Mercedes-Benz sideways back and forth across a one way street, inching myself the wrong way with each switchback turn. Luckily I talk big on paper and am a coward in real life, so I am still alive. I love Blogging because I can be anybody I want on any given day. Tomorrow I will be posting about the 46 children I rescued from a burning orphanage while on a trip delivering medical and food supplies to a disaster area.


10 thoughts on “yaW enO

  1. Wow, tell me about it. I hate one-way street with a passion. NYC’s one way street can drive any sane people crazy and it is the world best torture device.
    I will be interested in driving a crab like car. LOL. That sounds so futuristic.

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