One of the things I like about the Country Western music language is the flexibility of the words. You can bend pronunciation so that hell and jail rhyme. Some of my earliest “likes” were fruits and vegetables and they have repaid me with good health. The first “likes” I received were grade school Valentines. Our current culture makes it easy to document “likes.” Just click a button and rate every experience and product. When I was reading law cases, I was regularly blinded by the brilliance of the majority opinion. Then I would read the minority dissent and realize I was duped. In today’s world I would be caught “liking” contradictory Supreme Court opinions because they would both radiate with the beauty of logic and persuasion. I enjoy Blogging because I can participate above my pay grade. Today, if Einstein posted E=mc Squared, I could hit the “like” button, fight the impulse to comment, and bask in my collaboration with Albert. My pal Al would be too polite to passive-aggressively ask, “What exactly did you like about the formula?” If backed into that corner, I would respond, “The majesty of the capital E.” I could follow Albert and confine my occasional comments to pithy remarks. Great hair. Awesome relativity. Check out my Blog. If Proust posted a serial Blog, I could “like” episodes with a jovial “C’est Magnifique!” comment. I would feel comfortable liking any poem Maya Angelou posted. I might even dare to comment with my couplet: “Jello won’t fail in jail, but it won’t gel in Hell.”


10 thoughts on “Jello

  1. “I was regularly blinded by the brilliance of the majority opinion. Then I would read the minority dissent and realize I was duped.” LOL. I often have the same feeling. Especially when history is interpreted in different ways. LOL.

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    1. That is why I try to tamp down my brilliance and save it in the queue for when I am on my deathbed. People will be amazed at the quality of posting coming from a sick man. If I die suddenly, then readers will be amazed that my best work was posted from the hereafter.

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  2. Einstein really missed out there, he would have loved you following him on social media and might even have changed his formula. I can intelligently agree with most sides of a debate. Sadly when I do actually have an opinion or a vote I lose.

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  3. Would Einstein have wasted time on social media? I would base my answer on an answer to this question; has academia moved from ‘publish or perish’ to ‘How Many Followers? Shares? Links? Likes?’.

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