Uncle Hector

Joe Biden said Queen Elizabeth reminded him of his mother. Why could he not just say the Queen was gracious and generous? I voted for Joe Biden for President of the United States, so I am not one of his trolls. But everything reminds him of his mother, his father, and his son Beau who are all fine examples once in awhile. But what Queen wants to be a reminder of any 78 year old’s mother? His mother is not the star of his meeting with Queen Elizabeth. I do not know much about the Queen or Joe Biden’s mother. I do not know if you should take off your sunglasses when speaking to either of them. I am not a student of the etiquette or the characters in the Queen’s Royal Family but likely she is more gracious and generous than I am based on this nitpicky rant I am spewing. So I will say this about Joe. He reminds me of my daughter-in-law’s Uncle Hector who everyone likes and who is authentically pleasant, optimistic, and interested in others. Uncle Hector says I remind him of his mother. I met her only briefly and we did not speak a common language but she seemed more gracious and generous than me.


11 thoughts on “Uncle Hector

  1. That made me laugh, I too thought it a bit ungallant for an old chap to say of a lady she reminds him of his mother! I like to think our queen is a perfect example of the importance of having a spiritual head of he country above the sordid and ignorant political goings on.

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  2. I enjoyed your observations – they made me smile. I also like Joe Biden – he is an honest man of integrity and clearly a considerable improvement on his predecessor; but it was a surprisingly silly, inappropriate, thing to say about a head of state.

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