Technology has helped create some good habits. Those annoying beeps that tell you to fasten your seat belt actually provoke people to comply. Lives are saved. Sure some people disconnect the beeper but buckling up is just as easy as giving away all your personal information to the internet and allowing corporate and governmental entities to track your every move. But sometimes technology promotes bad habits. Public restrooms install toilets that flush automatically and faucets that stop running when you remove your hands. Soon you get in the habit of not flushing or turning water spigots off. This is bad enough in your own home but a disaster when you are visiting someone. Okay, maybe you do not recognize this problem. Certainly I only know about it through friends. Fortunately the solution is easy. Just install automatic controls on your home plumbing fixtures. Until then, no matter how compelling the evidence is, blame everything on your spouse, kids, roommate, or Donald Trump.


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