My friend Goktug and his girlfriend Beverly Hill were strolling along Rodeo Drive, oblivious to all the glittering dreams and tarnished realities around them. They were just so absorbed in each other that they might as well have been wandering the street in Concrete, Washington. I became familiar with Concrete in 2007 after my publisher gently explained the difference between cement and concrete to me while editing my novel. If he was so smart, why was he publishing me? He lost his shirt on me and I lost the “r” off my shirt over his constant nitpicking. My book was the last one either of us published unless he reinvented himself under a new name to dodge my next manuscript. If my novel had been about cement or concrete, my ignorance would have been so much more humiliating. When I went back and researched the words in question, I discovered the city of Concrete, famous for This Boy’s Life (a DiCaprio/De Niro film) and a high school built as a bridge over the road leading up to and through it. The city became Concrete when the towns of Baker and Cement City merged in 1909. Each town existed thanks to separate cement factories. So I now have a way to remember that concrete comes from cement. But I had forgotten about Beverly Hill for nine sentences until Goktug told me she had changed her name to Sandy Shore and moved to Cement, Oklahoma, a bigger but less famous city than Concrete, Washington. What are the chances of such a coincidence? About one out of three on this Blog site.


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