The NCAA was embarrassed in the 2021 March Madness college basketball tournaments by photographs highlighting the disparity of workout rooms for men and women. Historically the NCAA has had even less interest in female collegiate athletes than they have in their male counterparts. So laws were passed to force parity. The NCAA is so clueless that they do not even pretend they care about any of the athletes, let alone the females. At least my wife pretends we are equal in our marriage. She tells others that I make the unpopular decisions, knowing full well that she negotiated veto power over everything in that cocktail napkin document we signed when I was legally drunk. When we order meals at a restaurant, she gets whichever one she likes better. So I choose strategically. If I love something, it might be better to order an entree I like but know she hates. My wife exercises authority over what house we buy, how we furnish it, and any landscaping. She determines how cupboards are used, what toilet paper we buy, and what side of the bed I sleep on. And I love her choices. I am choosing my words carefully because she just traded in our big couch for a little loveseat that is way too small for me to sleep on. Unlike the NCAA, I played the long game and gave in early. The NCAA presides over a culture that generates a $9.6 million annual salary for the Alabama head football coach but has not allowed athletes to share in profits from their own images and brands. Of course this will eventually change because the NCAA likes to be compelled to change rather than get credit for proactively finding equitable solutions.


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