Inconvenience Fee

Even before the Pandemic, I could no longer walk up to a movie theater and buy tickets to a show. I needed to go online, reserve seats, and hope I finally did it correctly after a few false starts. Why am I not getting the Senior discount? I am sure I typed in my preferred customer loyalty number but they still charged me the convenience fee that is waived for members. I can print out a confirmation because I have no idea how to scan things with my phone. I cannot even figure out how to turn the phone ringer off. Why is there even a convenience fee? This process may be convenient for all young people and competent old people but it should at least be labeled an inconvenience fee for me. I liked to go to the movies on the spur of the moment. Sometimes a movie might be sold out when I showed up. But then I could take a walk and go out to dinner. Except they want me to scan my phone to access the menu through some app. They want me to place my order and pay on a machine on my table. Next they are going to ask me to cook my own food after picking it up during my prescheduled online appointment at the grocery store. I have a nice view at home and would eat there if I wanted to do all the work. I do not mind tipping and paying fees for conveniences. I object to paying inconvenience fees. Actually my wife does all the work, including ordering the tickets and getting us to the movies. But what if I outlive her?


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