Goody Two Shoes

On January 22nd, I blogged about the Good in You. Since then, I have struggled to compile a list of the Good in Me. I am good at lying to people for their own good but that sounds bad on an application for Heaven. I try to do my good for free but that sounds like I am good for nothing. I steal food off the plates of family members to save them from gluttony. Or is that merely a rationalization for my own gluttony? I should have started this list earlier in my life because I have apparently forgotten all the anecdotes of my goodness. Remembering only the bad stuff is evidently a pernicious side effect of sliding into mental decline. I tried to make some good stuff up but that just makes my bad list grow. Finally I realized that I needed to invest my time in actually doing some good and then my list would write itself. I plan to start tomorrow. But first I am maximizing my efficiency by listing and scheduling exactly what I plan to do. First I will return my neighbor’s lawn mower and stop making excuses about waiting until I fix the blade I broke. Then I will surprise my other neighbor by painting her deck railing any color other than that horrid blue coat she must regret applying last year. Finally I will be picking up all the litter on our street. Hopefully, I will find some of my missing stuff that I may have accidentally thrown out.


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