Double Time

For centuries humans complained about too little time in the day to accomplish everything. Suddenly the dream comes true and everyone get two seconds of time for every every elongated “one second” tick on the clock. Some scientists say it happened when we sprung one hour forward for daylight savings time one time too many. Donald Trump says it was his idea. Nancy Pelosi says none of the Republicans voted for it. The lady down the street wants to know if this means she can have a baby in 4.5 months, 9 months, or 18 months. My babies are grown men now but she can have one tomorrow if the lawyers can work it out. The media outlets are reporting contradictory information. Do we have two sunrises and two sunsets in every day? Do we have to go to work and school once a day or twice a day? Do we actually get more time or did we just label the same time differently? We will have better data when more people have a chance to die under the new accounting system. If any actual extra time exists, all of it is being wasted talking and arguing about whether or not this is fake good news or fake bad news. Arizona and Hawaii have officially noticed no difference. Unfortunately, the quality of Suicide Squeeze Blog postings could deteriorate if I am required to publish more often to maintain my streak of 1670 consecutive daily postings. Even before receiving a ruling on this question, I can already see deterioration as I type this.


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