What are the Odds?

Heaven and hell seem diametrically opposed. They should have nothing in common but I suppose inhabitants of either place are not allowed to commit suicide. A condition of hell probably prohibits any escape. I do wonder if someone can ever transfer out of heaven or if you are stuck there forever. Maybe by its nature, it would be impossible to want to leave. If you did, it would theoretically be a form of mental illness. But mental illness may also be impossible. Maybe minds are checked at the door. Being out of your mind may be one of the rewards for surviving earth. I will probably never know because if I ever get admitted to heaven, I will not be dumb enough to stir up trouble by asking questions. I would not be so inhibited about challenging the authorities in hell. What would I have to lose? Is there any way out, no matter how limited the exception is? Could I be booted for good behavior? Or rewarded for bad behavior? Do other places like Purgatory or Limbo exist? Every time I think about these concepts, my mind explodes and I lose a little more of it. Maybe that means I am on the right track. I also need to know what percentage of people get to heaven and hell. We should have daily data on the telly like tallies for Coronavirus infections, deaths, and vaccinations. If the entrance percentage is 50-50, I would have a legitimate shot at heaven and would begin behaving better. If 90% get into heaven, I would relax and goof off a little more. If only 10% make it through the pearly gates, I would start praying that I live to be 120.


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