Admittedly, my lazy approach to marketing my Blog guarantees few followers or likes even if I were capable of improving the writing quality. Still, I was very surprised to hear my nine year old granddaughter chirping about the 157 likes she had on her TikTok video a couple weeks ago. She posted a shout out to a friend who helped update her PFP. Part one of my problem is that I did not even know PFP stands for ProFile Picture. The video lasts less than a minute and now Zofia is telling me she has 162 likes. This raises part two of my problem: she is supposed to be online on another device in a virtual third grade classroom. But wait she is up to 171 likes and 154 followers. I do not even know how many likes she ended up with because after 479 she stopped answering all my “creepy” questions. Just because my words were dripping with jealousy does not mean I was acting creepy. Believe me, I know creepy. I am a master at creepy. I also know the nuances of words. But my third problem is that it will be a hot day in Eureka, Canada, before I get liked 479 times even if I start handing out hundred dollar bills on a street corner. If I ever find 154 people following me, they will likely be investigators trying to pin a bank robbery on me. Fourth problem: I still do not know how to like my granddaughter’s video on TikTok, let alone view it.


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