I recently upgraded my printer because I need quality prints for my photo projects. This is amusing because I do not even post photos on my Blog. My photoshopping technique is using a scissors to cut out someone’s head from a photo where they look good and tape it over a lesser shot of them that would diminish an otherwise excellent group picture. I often get comments like, “I never realized that Ryan has such a small head.” Or: “Wow, Matt’s head is huge.” But it can be very satisfying when the sizing is perfect. I started the practice decades ago when I noticed my boss Bob had replaced the head of a disfavored son-in-law in a family photo with the head of Mike Hendon from Training. Bob had his large office plastered with photos, including a group shot of white males celebrating a contract signing. The lack of diversity is startling now but at the time what caught my eye was my head with pursed lips had been covered with my own smiling face. I was impressed that Bob wanted me to look better because my copy of the original photo is good enough to still hang on my den wall, especially since pursed lips in my 40’s look better than a smile in my 70’s. So I carry on the tradition, although eyes of the beholders vary greatly. I once framed a picture of my Mother, a niece, and myself taken at a luncheon by a professional photographer. All three of us looked terrific. Mom also displayed the photo at her house but she had cut herself out of it! Apparently I inherited primitive photoshopping talents from her. I removed the copy of the photo from my wall but refuse to attack it with a scissors.


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