America is Back?

Politicians are especially good at declaring victories. Too bad they are so often premature. President Bush famously celebrated “Mission Accomplished” when it was far from accomplished. Donald Trump told us we were “turning the corner” while he led us off a cliff. After a month in office, President Biden declares that “America is back!” I look around and everything seems the same. I am an untrained and uncertified teacher still helping homeschool two grandchildren and they are suffering for it. Third grader Zofia has not been allowed inside a classroom for a year. The latest winter storms have devastated the country. I am sure Texans are not ecstatic to be told America is back. Our Senate is split 50-50. We are only in extra innings. Minds have not been changed on whether an insurrection at the Capitol is patriotic or treasonous. Minds have not been changed on whether or not school shootings are just collateral damage in the fight to preserve weaponry at all cost. The racial divide has not been bridged. The death toll from Covid-19 is passing one half million, even with Governor Cuomo undercounting. We are still wearing masks. Peaks Frozen Yogurt and Beth’s Cafe are closed. I have not been on an airplane or in a movie theater for a year. Sure we changed who gets to ceremoniously sign Executive Orders. But have we resolved the issues of Immigration Reform and Climate Control? I guess America is back if we mean back in the same old mess. At least Joe Biden did not shout “America is back” from the balcony of the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun. But I am back to being sick of political posturing, spin, and slogans. Show us an America that is back and then tell us how you did it in your memoir.


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