Phase WD Date

During the Pandemic, my wife and I have scaled back date nights to occasional afternoon walks around the neighborhood. Fine dining and movie outings have been replaced with takeout meals and television programs. Errands now count as going out. We have not been on an airplane in over ten months. Only a handful of people have been allowed inside our home and no one is clamoring to get on the waiting list. This allows us to cut a few corners on upkeep. But now we are developing bad habits. No one picks up the cigarette butts. This is an unusual problem because my wife and I do not smoke. Maybe those stubby little cylinders are anti-snoring nose vents that were spread all over when the dog ripped into the big Walmart bag. But we do not have a dog. Perhaps the raccoons have found their way through the gaping hole in the kitchen wall where our 17 year old grandson was trying to kill a phantom murder hornet with a sledgehammer. And so my wife and I were particularly excited to get dressed and out of the house for a special date yesterday morning. We were able to schedule Pfizer vaccinations after a few frustrating days hacking into user unfriendly websites. We passed rigorous tests proving that we qualified for Phase WD (Walking Dead) in the Covid-19 protocol. Scheduling the second dose is easier because of attrition in our category. The gentleman in front of me was in a wheelchair for his 9am appointment, only to discover he had signed up for 9pm. Of course, they inoculated him anyway. But the evening option made me realize we could turn our future medical appointments into actual date nights.


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