Trick or Treat?

One of the best feelings in the world is to wake up from a nightmare and find out you are not actually in a Turkish prison or that your right arm was not amputated. Life is so good in that moment. We may wish for sweet dreams but they can generate disappointment. On Tuesday I woke up from a dream where Snoop Dogg came up to me in an airport and called me by my first name. I nodded when he identified me as a friend of Sharon. In the dream that made sense and I was so excited to call my wife and tell her about running into our friend Snoop. I had left her in the hotel room and walked down the hallway into an airplane terminal where Snoop and I had exchanged our pleasantries. Nothing about the sequence of events seemed odd to me. I sat down in a waiting area and fiddled with my phone until it turned into a smoke alarm. I woke up and realized I did not need to make the call. My wife was actually down the hall from our bedroom. Before I got to the den, I became aware that I only dreamed Snoop Dogg and I were friends. I had nothing to tell her about how our buddy Snoop was doing. I did not even mention the dream which she is presumably reading about in today’s Blog. I am so stupid in my dreams. Why did I think buying hashish in Turkey was such a good idea? What made me trust my dentist to perform surgery on my arm? Why is Snoop Dogg wandering around an airport without a mask? Who the heck is Sharon?


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