Something Else

Seija Rankin interviewed David Sedaris by phone in his U.K. time zone where it was approaching midnight. She said he paced “back and forth in the office of his Sussex home” as he attempted to tally 18 miles in his daily step count. This news elated me because it confirms my own Fitbit tracking is within the bounds of normalcy. Last Saturday, I powered to 38,120 steps by adding extra walking during phone conversations with son Ryan, friend Scott, and daughter-in-law Joanna. Ryan Facetimed because he needs a visual check to complete his weekly assessment of my mental health. So he caught me pacing. I think it cost me a few points but apparently his assessments are protected by confidentiality which actually benefits me. I know I have not crossed the obsession line or I would have been typing my daily Blog while jogging in place just to hit 40,000 steps. But I found that produces gibberish because I tried it once just for fun. Nobody could tell the difference but I cannot take the chance that Ryan might figure it out, hack my account, and shut me down. He looks like the type who could because I noticed he still has not cut his hair since Hunter Biden created the Coronavirus. My unintended rambling means I now have to change the title of this Blog from David Sedaris to something else. Although I should mention that Sedaris wrote every day for fifteen years before he published his first book (Barrel Fever 1994). Doing the reverse and writing every day after publishing my first novel has produced more disappointing results. But I am going to challenge Sedaris to a Fitbit Faceoff to prove once and for all who is the better writer.


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