Waste Not

I went inside and ate meals at restaurants right after Mike Pence declared the end to Coronavirus. We did not need a vaccine after all. The natural extinction is not totally burned out but we are stomping on the embers. Normally I would be more cautious but I tend to embrace news I want to hear. I was not anxious to be first in line for a restaurant seat but admit to accepting invitations, one from my youngest son and one from my wife. I am weak when pressured by others. I avoid protest marches because I fear someone will convince me to start looting. For those more responsible than me, I will pass on my first hand observations. We were seated too far away from other customers to easily eavesdrop on their conversations. One woman seemed to be gloating to her female friend that her son was breaking up with his wife or girlfriend (I could not catch the exact status). The gloater had seen the breakup coming for some time, citing the disrespectful attitude said partner was giving her as the mother-in-law type figure. I could only hear bits and pieces but I expect the narrator was a big part of the failed relationship. Another difficulty is that you cannot swipe uneaten food from a neighboring table before a server clears it off. The occupied tables are just too far apart. Oops, my twitter feed is blowing up, so I want to emphatically deny for the record ever swiping a stranger’s food. I am going to check snopes.com to see if anyone has actually done it. If so, I am talking about those people.


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