No Time for Ad-libbing

A YouTube video is circulating with the title: “Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same.” Dozens of actual commercials are spliced together in sound bites of a few seconds or so. They play similar somber music and do indeed follow the same script. The videos feature companies, products, and especially people and families. The Company has been serving you “since 1926” or “for over a hundred years.” They are all about the people and family, especially now more than ever in these troubled, uncertain, and unprecedented times. Doors may be closed but we stay closely connected to each other without leaving the safety of home. A thank you for health and front line workers is a common thread. We are here with you. You can count on us. We will get through this together. Apart but together. The script does not work as well when a luxury car maker implies that a vehicle purchase is the answer to your problems. Established commercial campaigns that rely on humor and irreverence still continue, offering the same reassurance as comfort food. But certain subjects are so delicate that they demand universal scripting. My maternal grandmother died in 1953 when I was six years old. I recently found a box of all the hand written sympathy cards and was struck by how they all followed the exact same script. They were short which avoided most pitfalls of saying the wrong thing. A very close friend or relative might add one positive personal reference. Mostly they let flowers and Mass Cards do the talking for them.

3 thoughts on “No Time for Ad-libbing

  1. That was mine.
    I’d comment more frequently, but Outlook won’t let me respond directly so I have to open gmail and…


  2. I have the same problem when I try to comment on other people’s Blogs. Even when I am willing to sign away rights to my first born son, they still make it difficult. I miss the fun of some wonderful comments like yours.


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