President Trump has introduced a new cool aid program where you mix disinfectant with Kool-Aid before ingesting it. He is relying on the medical advice of the Director of Wealthy Americans for Coronavirus Knock Out (WACKO). In a follow-up tweet, The Donald spelled “ingesting” with a “j” which would bolster his claims of sarcasm but he will never admit to a misspelling. Too bad he was not elected Late Night Comic because with or without sarcasm, his pandemic pronouncements are misleading and dangerous when issued as President. In his defense, he can invoke a consistency precedent since he sarcastically thumbs his nose at the people, values, and institutions of our country every day. Rumors are spreading that Trump will fire the WACKO Director for telling him that drinking disinfectant was a good idea. The Director was probably just being sarcastic and likely already in trouble for not praising Trump enough. The President did confirm that he will NOT be drinking the Kool-Aid himself because he is the healthiest person to ever live on this planet. But nominations for potential Kool-Aid recipients are still flooding the system. Unfortunately we have no shortage of Kool-Aid.

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