Mauricio I. Perez is a Biblical scholar. He recently encouraged us all to emulate Veronica who, according to Church tradition, offered her veil so Jesus could wipe His forehead while carrying the Cross. Perez correctly characterizes her as brave because she could have suffered at the hands of those tormenting Jesus. Perez contrasts her strong faith and righteous instinct with that of Simon of Cyrene who was famously enlisted to help Jesus carry the Cross when He faltered. Some have suggested that Simon was chosen because he showed some sympathy for Jesus but Perez takes the position that Simon was reluctant and acted merely because he was compelled to by the Roman guards. Perez exhorts us to be like Veronica and not like Simon. I unsuccessfully tried to contact Perez through his website to tell him I enjoyed his writings but that I thought he did not have to denigrate Simon to make his valid point about Veronica. After all, little hard evidence exists to make so many assumptions. Even Peter denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed and Jesus made him Pope. I could not avoid the filters on the Perez website which apparently screens out nuts and bots. Most Biblical scholars follow my Blog, so I presume Perez will get my feedback when he reads this posting. I admit to identifying with the worst version of Simon. So I am petitioning Heaven for admission under the rare Simon Cyrene Exception. I will also be appealing my first death, citing Lazurus v. Unbelievers.

4 thoughts on “Veronica

  1. One might also note that Simon wisely practiced social distance by carrying the cross while Jesus was likely six or more feet away. Veronica, on the other hand, was in Christ’s faith, bathing him with droplets of potential virus.


  2. Another scholar wrote: “The King James version of the New Testament was completed in 1611 by 8 members of the Church of England. There were (and still are) no original texts to translate. The oldest manuscripts we have were written down hundreds of years after the last apostle died. There are over 8,000 of these old manuscripts, with no two alike. The King James translators used none of these, anyway. Instead, they edited previous translations to create a version their king and Parliament would approve. SO, the 21st century “Word of God” is a book edited in the 17th century from the 16th century translations of 8,000 contradictory copies of 4th century scrolls that claim to be copies of lost letters written in the 1st century.”
    Just sayin’….


  3. Unfortunately one lost Bible translation contained passages that trivialized narcissism and selfishness as merely amusing transgressions. That version would sure make me look a lot better. Sadly, the entire Apostle Joke Book has also gone missing.


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