Silver Linings

The silver lining in the dark Corona cloud is the windfall of extra time I have gained while sheltering in place. I can clean out the garage although I have not started yet. I can get a big head start on Spring gardening. As soon as I can get around to it. I can finish my genealogy project that is sprawled all over my shelves and drawers. I must make a note to start on that tomorrow. Or on Sunday at the latest. Downsizing will be a breeze now that I have time to purge the storage room. I have binge watched the AMC series Better Call Saul and caught up on Survivor. Maybe I should take a quick peek at Very Cavallari before I finally finish my second novel. And I get to organize the photographs. I do not want the Coronavirus to seem like something good but it has opened the door to finally accomplishing all of the projects on hold. I feel sorry for all of the people wasting this wonderful opportunity even though procrastinators cause a surge in Blog readership.


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