Denser Than Yoda, I Am

I am a repeat offender when it comes to demonstrating that pride cometh before a fall. When I boast about my fitness, it goes something like this. At 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, I pick up my granddaughter from a playdate. Her friend’s father apologizes for how he is dressed because he has just finished a run. I boast that I did mine in the morning and find a way to indicate it was a ten miler with my sister-in-law who still races half marathons. Well, he happens to be training for the Western States 100 Mile Ultra Marathon. I belatedly realize his training run also started in the morning. Probably a 50 miler. He is too modest to specify. I am the type of guy dumbfounded when young interns end up outranking me in the company. When I think I am saying something brilliant, someone else interrupts with a Colum McCann quote: “When you divide death by life, you find a circle.” I pat myself on the back for being wise enough not to read McCann because I have no idea what that quote even means. Yoda is about as deep as I go. Learn, some people never do.


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