Nero to Zero

I was not surprised when Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota because politics is exactly like professional wrestling. I am actually surprised more wrestlers do not run for political office. Both games are rigged, full of deceit, and fueled by a huge fan base that absolutely craves being outraged by villains and outrageous characters. Humans love to hate rival athletes and sports teams. We despise rival politicians and political parties. We are addicted to being upset at other drivers, bosses, co-workers, government and company employees, customers, educators, neighbors, relatives, and our unfavorite celebrities. Social media now enables us to take shaming to great new depths. It works for me because contempt is dished out like crazy on such a grand scale that lesser villains like myself escape relatively unscathed. People in glass houses are hurling stones at the violinists fiddling while Rome burns. I laugh so hard it brings tears to my eyes.


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