Marriage by the Day

Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher were married for a record 84 years. Their secret: they both made the effort to stay alive until age 105. Some marriages are contrived. One woman married her female roommate because it was the only way freshmen were permitted to live off campus, presumably providing better access to boyfriends and a wilder lifestyle. But some short-lived marriages are contracted by couples who are in love and planning (seemingly naively) on the long term. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finalized their divorce settlement last month after an August 2019 separation ended their marriage at seven months. They outlasted other celebrity unions: Britney Spears/Jason Alexander (55 hours), Dennis Hopper/Michelle Phillips (8 days), Cher/Greg Allman (9 days), Carmen Electra/Dennis Rodman (9 days), Eddie Murphy/Tracey Edmonds (14 days), Mario Lopez/Ali Landry (18 days), and Axl Rose/Erin Everly (26 days). Some are serial short-termers. Rick Salomon was married to Shannon Doherty for nine months but also wed Pamela Anderson twice in marriages that were measured in months. So some celebrities have demonstrated they can make marriages work for many months despite all the disadvantages of wealth and fame. I guess no matter your station in life, marriage is always a day to day effort.


One thought on “Marriage by the Day

  1. Well, Geoff, as two members of the “Married More Than a Month” club, we do have a handle on what it takes to persevere day by day and year by year! These youngsters just don’t have the stamina for it!

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