Modern life demands too many decisions. We have so many choices online, in stores, and on menus. I am always surprised when they are not enough. People regularly make substitution requests. Cave dwelling ancestors made relatively few decisions but their choices were more consequential. Do I go hunting today or starve to death? Do I gather firewood or freeze to death? Do I mate or paint on the cave wall? Now we pick clarifying, volumizing, and conditioning shampoos to fight dandruff, oily hair, and damage to our colored locks. We decide between espresso, cappuccino, latte, or a banana oatmeal smoothie. Do we want fluoride, whitener, charcoal, or lauryl sulphate in our toothpaste? Who feeds the dog, makes the lunches, and takes the kids to school? The possibilities are endless even before we leave the house for school, work, or running errands. Luckily we have plenty of choices when it comes to counseling options, anxiety medications, and treatment programs.


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