I still use a Rolodex with the addresses of all my contacts handwritten on the little cards. I hate knowing this is inefficient compared to electronic alternatives available today. I cling to paper access. I rationalize that computer information deserts me during power failures, computer glitches, and human interventions when someone else is camped out on my machine. My Rolodex could burn up in a fire but that has never happened, unlike the computer disruptions. I am still a repository of address information for others. They should be using the latest technology. As a side note, no one should physically remove a card from my Rolodex box, even with the best intentions of returning it. Occasionally giving out addresses is not an imposition and it embarrasses me to mention it. But I do find myself providing the exact same information to the same people over and over. Currently three address retrieval options seem to exist: (1) electronic app or program; (2) old fashioned address book or Rolodex; or (3) nerdy friends or family members who provide the information as needed using whatever method.


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