I am curious but lazy, a combination that results in lack of knowledge. Non lazy people who are not curious end up in the same place but do not feel unfulfilled. Lazy people who are not curious are happier than me although I am most jealous of the non lazy curious group. When I visit my son’s family in Arlington, Virginia, I always notice houses backed up to a cemetery. I presume residents with a backyard abutting a grave site get more house for their money because anyone who watched Poltergeist is not in the prospective buyer pool. Down the road, houses line six lane Highway 50. Some have the benefit of an access road but two have driveways that empty directly onto the highway without any back alley. The one at 3344 Arlington Boulevard has a pedestrian ramp angling across the front lawn and connecting to the freeway overpass. So driveway access is also impeded by a height restriction preventing any type of moving van access. Recently I observed over sized boxes stacked at the top of the driveway, indicating that somehow deliveries are possible. I have always wondered who lives there and how much their house is worth but I am too lazy to do the research. Eventually I will bump into a realtor at one of my son’s Chili Cook Off parties and will learn more than I want to know. Thanks to me, you already know more than you wanted to.


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