Some people have no leftovers because they clean their plate. Others toss what they do not eat. Pet owners sometimes treat animals in the household with doggy bag treats. My youngest son only eats food he likes, enjoys variety, prefers fresh food, and does not like to actually throw away good food. So he saves his leftovers but never eats them because something fresher is always available even if it means driving to a restaurant or fast food chain. But if I eat his leftover food the next day, he notices and says something like, “Where is my Thai Ginger dinner from last night?” Then I kind of owe him some new food. So I always wait until the second or third day to eat his food. He never looks for food that old. And if he does, I tell him it was in the fridge forever and was going bad. Or I say, “I don’t think my grandchildren would take your food.” Which is the truth but suggests an accusation that deflects attention from me. I am part of the club that actually eats their own leftovers but also in the smaller and more embarrassing subset that eats other people’s leftovers. I try to lick the plate when nobody is watching but people have hidden cameras everywhere these days.


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