Kick the Can

When my youngest grandchild did not know what Kick the Can was, I decided to give everyone that game for Christmas. I could not Blog about it until now because I would spoil the surprise (I doubt anyone is reading this on Christmas morning). When I could not find the game online, I realized I finally had a winning business venture after a string of failures (Moles as Pets, U Pick ‘Em Weeds, etc.). Gary Dahl became a millionaire with his Pet Rock but he too failed at Sand Breeding Kits and Red China Dirt. The key is a funny concept with witty labels and directions. I started with a mailing friendly product that fit in a standard 6×9 envelope. I bought 25 flexible metal plates at Home Depot for 50 cents apiece. My label warned: “some can assembly required, welding tools not included.” But as I stuffed the envelopes, metal edges began inflicting paper like cuts on my hands. So I added a warning about the sharp edges but ultimately could not afford bad publicity killing the buzz. I finally invested in boxes and cans even though that lowers profits on a $15 product ($16.50 after tax). I am going to use the money I make to fund my Hide ‘n Seek project which features an envelope with a blindfold and directions. We are taking orders for both products. If you do not order anything, we will be sending you a complimentary metal plate.


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