A Certain Answer

Ajahn Brahm is a monk who is cloistered on YouTube where he lives forever. My Polish daughter-in-law introduced me to him, probably because he is a proponent of non derogatory communication. The concept is so good that I practice it seven hours a day while I am sleeping. Brahm does not specify if snoring is considered derogatory. But he does talk about dreams. He tells of the man who dreamed about five golden angels playing harps and showering him with gold. When he awoke, the dream resonated when he encountered the number five all morning long. His wife served five eggs and five pieces of toast and so on. When the racing form in his newspaper identified Five Angels as the number 5 horse in the fifth race, he skipped work, withdrew his savings from the Fifth National Bank, headed for the racetrack, and bet it all on Five Angels to win in the fifth race. Of course, he went broke because Five Angels finished fifth. This is probably an old joke because the man was reading a newspaper. But it served to introduce the riddle of predetermination versus free will. I fast forwarded to the solution at the end of the video which I present as a public service: “Your life is uncertain.”


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