Rudy to the Rescue

The Donald Trump impeachment process has been dragging on for almost three years and I have tried to remain neutral. One faction wants The Donald impeached, convicted of the charges, and thereby removed from office. The other faction wants him impeached, convicted, and sentenced to hard labor building a border wall. Both positions have some merit. Apparently the process is taking so long because the Democrats are waiting for Trump to kill someone on Fifth Avenue as he promised. They feel this would speed up the proceedings, especially if he murdered a prominent Republican. According to Ranting Rudy, one of Giuliani’s five personalities, President Trump must be convicted or acquitted before the end of his second term or he continues to serve in office until the process is completed. He cites his status as a lawyer and son of a mob enforcer to both prove he knows what he is talking about and threaten anyone who disagrees. Rambling Rudy is fearless and immediately contradicted his brother Ranting and added that the President cannot be convicted of crimes he can not legally commit and he cannot be acquitted of charges that he cannot understand. Rusty Rudy is in the Ukraine looking for Rational Rudy. Ridiculous Rudy was last seen as a Republican but has formerly registered as both an Independent and a Democrat.


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