Facts of Life

Time Magazine is credited with the phrase, “That’s a fact too good to check.” That is a fact too good for me to check. So I am more like Donald Trump than I care to admit. The two of us live up to Time’s purported philosophy better than Time does. The aphorism quoted above may just be a clever witticism or may reflect a rare intentional exception to a rule. Movies about true events play fast and loose with actual facts for the sake of dramatic effect. Well, actually for the sake of money. It usually comes down to money. Time Magazine wants to sell more magazines. Movie studios want to earn more money. Donald Trump wants to make more money. I do too. But I just cannot find lies that will make me that money. I told my neighbor if he fixed the fence on our property, the Mexicans would pay for it. But he just tied the collapsing fence to his tree with a bungee cord. I wonder how much those crafty Mexicans paid for that.


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