Training Wheels

We have schools that teach people how to drive an automobile well enough to procure a driver’s license. I wish I discovered them earlier, especially before I tried to teach my oldest son. I hear my wife was not much better in retaining her cool when that same son made his first attempt to merge into freeway traffic. I improved with later sons and feel totally justified at screaming bloody murder when my youngest took a left turn into oncoming traffic in Wichita. After all, we were both about to die and I was not going to get an opportunity to make a death bed confession. Kids take classes to learn how to swim and dance. Clinics exist for every sport. After unsuccessfully trying to teach my seven year old granddaughter to ride a bike without her training wheels, I realize that my next business venture should be investing in a school that teaches children how to ride a two-wheeler. Why should parents (and grandparents) have to endure a frustrated child jumping on the spokes of her bike? Why do I have to lose my voice yelling at progeny? Maybe the school can do potty training too. I am a grandparent and still do not have my parent training wheels off.


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