Country Cookies

Sean of the South loves fortune cookie wisdom, including: “The man who knows when enough is enough, will always have enough.” As a regular reader of Sean’s Blogs, I know that he is rednecker than me, as Hardy would say. But I have some redneck bona fides. My Kentucky grandmother introduced me to country music. Johnny Cash sang about walking the line and she told me that “no man can do no better than that.” I was 13 and did not even know what walking the line meant. I thought it might be a prison idiom but I did not want to ask and seem ignorant. Grandmother Lucille seemed to imply it was about being true to a woman. It did not matter to me because I just liked the sound of the music. And I could never get enough of it, despite cautionary fortune cookies. Somewhere in a modern cookie, there must be a message that says, “The woman who knows when enough is enough, will still never be able to convince her man of it.”


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