Very Stable Genius. That is how Donald Trump described himself in a tweet this weekend. He may not be a genius but he is brilliant. He got himself elected President and has survived well into his third year on the assignment. Maybe he lied and cheated and received illegal help from the Russians. But plenty of people lie, cheat, and sell their soul to the devil trying to be President and fail. Michael Flynn sold out and lasted only 24 days at a lesser job. Some of Trump’s brilliance could be accidental. My brilliance is rare and usually accidental. Like taking Mollie out to breakfast at Kebo’s Big Boy restaurant in the early hours of New Year’s Day 1968. I had only a short term vision at the time but that move looks brilliant in hindsight. Even if Trump were a genius, he would not be a universally popular one like Einstein because the Donald is a narcissist who is gratuitously mean. Many of the people he infuriates will likely call him unstable in response to his tweet. I think he should at least drop the “Very” from his own assessment. I would actually relabel his VSG title to a more descriptive Venal Shady Guy.


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