I wish I could have seen the fireworks before the noon football game between Kent State and Kennesaw State last Saturday because they must have been spectacular. Kent State officials even cancelled a women’s field hockey game between Maine and Temple as it entered double overtime at 10:30 am just to remove any possible distraction to pregame fireworks introducing men’s football, no matter how laughable the logic. The field hockey game was playing on a different field with plenty of time to complete a second overtime and shootout. We all know college football is a lot more important than women’s field hockey but we usually keep up a verbal pretense supporting equal opportunity in collegiate sports. After two days of clinging to the “safety concerns” excuse (how safe is college football anyway?), Kent State issued an apology and a promise to do better in the future. So they jumped back on the lip service horse. But a majority coalition elected Donald Trump, giving hope to all who do not want to pretend to believe in racial and gender equality, justice for all, the environment, or protection for the poor and huddled masses. Kent State is just happy they won the football game and no one dared to kick them off the field when the game went into overtime.


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