I was looking in the mirror this morning because my face has to be groomed before being allowed to venture out in public. As much as certain features have deteriorated, experiencing them in a harsh light renewed my eagerness to live to be 80 or even 90 years old. I am extremely curious to see what I would look like. Logically I should become even more wizened and grotesque. But that is actually hard to imagine. It feels odd that so many people do not get to see themselves at the full end of their potential being. Most people I know have pictures of themselves as very young children even though they cannot remember those days. But so many of us are deprived of viewing ourselves at 90 or 100. I wish technology could provide me an actual future photo of my wife at age 110 in case I am not around to witness it myself. I am confident that she will look good. And I would also like to complete the family photo album in advance while I still have the energy.


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