Here Come the Judge

“Don’t judge me” is a battle cry I hear often. For good reason. Those words are usually directed at me. Because I am always judging everyone. Accusing me of judging others works well, especially if uttered by someone squirming to evade defending questionable practices. An added bonus is the shame cast upon me. Funny thing: Many of those demanding that I cease and desist judging are actually very judgmental themselves. I usually agree to cease but not desist or vice versa. Going into a Pigmeat Markham routine provides opportunity for tension to escape. I wish I had worked harder to pursue a career as a judge because then I would be getting paid for doing what I do every day for free.


2 thoughts on “Here Come the Judge

  1. OK, you got me (and I hope all your other readers) with Pigment Markham—hope it took you a long time to come with him. Also, you are well-positioned to judge, because you are a very stable genius.


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