Roll the Credits

I have historical obsessions with both receiving credit and avoiding blame. I crave more of the former and less of the latter. I do not spend much time strategizing on how to improve future creditable actions or eradicate ones that bring blame. Instead I invest great energy in crafting elaborate rationalizations that recast my past activity in a more favorable light. Logically, I should admire others who are talented at doing the same thing. But I find Donald Trump shameless and regularly criticize those who do the revisionist tap dance. The explanation for the contradiction is not that I am unaware of my own tendencies which I have acknowledged above. I cannot admit to being jealous that others are better than me at these absurd mental gymnastics. I cannot admit that I am envious or hypocritical. And a previous posting that capped my audience at 1,191 severely under counted the undocumented immigrants. Bernie Madoff has finally admitted that I have broken Lance Armstrong’s Word Press record for crowd size by passing the huge billions mark.


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