Rights Reserved

My oldest son wrote a Christmas book when he was eight years old. I was reading it the other day when attending a party at his house. It was bound in cardboard and I think it was titled Santa in Space. What caught my eye were the four pages before the story even began. He included a Table of Contents for the Chapters and a Dedication to all the children around the world who wait up for Santa Claus. But I was most surprised by the boilerplate language: “Copyright 1983. All rights reserved.” Apparently I did not find this unusual at the time because I did not remember it. He was my first child so I probably thought all kids were concerned with reserving their book rights. If I had known better, I would have started a law school tuition fund right then and not been surprised at all by his eventual career as a lawyer. I should talk to him about reserving rights and copyrighting my Blog posts but I do not think I can afford his billing rate.

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