Bah Humbug

My friend Marel sent me a Christmas card where the baby Jesus in the manger is telling St. Joseph, “You are not my real father!” My sister Mary emailed a card with the Angel at the manger turning away the fourth Wiseman because he was bearing the gift of fruitcake. Those flippant images made me laugh. They give me the mischievous idea to complain that this Christmas season has been filled with daily Advent wreath readings, Sunday Masses and Children’s Liturgies of the Word, Giving Tree donations, Tuesday Christmas Pageant practices, Wednesday Faith Formation classes, an Immaculate Conception Holy Day Mass, Our Lady of Guadalupe procession and celebration, a Reconciliation service, and now a Christmas Eve Children’s Mass. All this religious stuff is crowding out time for the truly important Christmas traditions of hitting the Mall and going to wild parties. I have run out of time. I need to find a 7-11 Mini Mart that is open somewhere so I can do my Christmas shopping.

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