Socrates and Injustice

Socrates said that it is better to suffer an injustice than to commit an injustice. At least I think he said that. His quotes are all Greek to me. He had the arrogance not to use plain English. He was not much for democratic elections so would probably be on the side of voter suppression today. The United States formally suppressed women voters for over a century. Minority suppression is always a favorite as well as suppression based upon political party. I just want to be the one to determine who gets suppressed. I wonder if Socrates got to choose any of the 500 Athenian citizens who voted on his death sentence. He could not complain because he believed it better to suffer an injustice than commit one as noted above. But those are two horrible choices. I could state that murder by a swig of hemlock is better than burning at the stake. But what does that do for me? I want more choices.

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