The Search for Misery

If you have nothing, you want something. Many find that reasonable, others affix blame to your nothingness. If you have something, you want something more. Some find this ambition healthy. Others find it greedy. If you have something more and hoard, shamers will guilt you. If you do not have good health, you want it. If you have your health, you want something else. Happiness is difficult on life’s decision tree because so many paths lead to a deeply ingrained need to be miserable. The “have nots” feel entitled to their misery. The “haves” want to win at everything, so even they compete for the biggest share of misery. Taxes are too high. Service was awful. The in-laws are evil. The price is outrageous. Our bosses and leaders are jerks. The referee sucks. The neighbor is rude. This is nothing new and we all know the absurdity of it. People who want good health and have power to attain it still light up that cigarette, splurge on that mud pie, and choose sedentary options. I make so many choices against my self interest that I assume my secret happiness must come from whining about the truly inconsequential!





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