The Trump Doctrine

Some people find it incongruous that the Trump base wants Hillary Clinton locked up for using her private email account for government business while Ivanka Trump is apparently doing the same thing. But these two cases are totally different according to the Trump Doctrine. The Donald ran for President on an unambiguous platform known as the Trump Doctrine. It was very well understood and he was elected. So why does the fake news media keep trying to act like we should be surprised and shocked with the implementation of the Doctrine? The Article One morals clause states that Trump is a Christian but that he himself is not bound by any principles of Christianity. Article Three on Taxes identifies anyone who pays his taxes as a Chump. Article Six on Foreign Policy allows the President to believe any lie by a foreign leader if profitable to said President. And he expects the same courtesy from those he lies to. Article Seven on Human Rights guarantees females equal rights with immigrants, refugees, foreigners, minorities, Democrats, and the disabled. These rights are second only to the rights of Caucasian males who can pass a Loyalty Test. For the sake of space, I have not summarized the Articles on Patriotism, Sexual Impropriety, Fraud, and Confefe, all of which are well known. What was the point of electing Trump if we are going to turn around and expect him to tell the truth and to promote the rights of the disenfranchised?


4 thoughts on “The Trump Doctrine

  1. You also forgot to summarize Article Two, What’s Happening Now, which states that nothing happens without the President’s authorization. (Except for the Dawgs’ annual hammering the woeful Cougs.)


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