I lost my calendar for a couple days the week before Thanksgiving. Without it, my life grinds to a halt. I cannot complain to anyone because I look foolish using a paper calendar. I actually have an Outlook Calendar that peppers me with reminders for events even though I have no recollection of telling them to remember anything. That scares me. But I am also annoyed that Outlook’s reminders are so incomplete once they are poking around in my affairs anyway. My sister’s birthday is no big secret. Why not warn me about missing that instead of giving me status on an Amazon delivery that is so much less important? I wasted more than an hour searching for my paper calendar. I could not even get any satisfaction blaming my wife during the hunt because I knew we might find it somewhere only I could have put it. I scoured the car, tossed the couch cushions, rummaged through the storage room, inspected the bathrooms, checked the guest bedroom, and everywhere in between. Then I repeated the same search. Eventually I found it in my den, in the drawer right under the desk top where I keep it. My wife could not enjoy my embarrassment too long because immediately thereafter, she claimed her car key was not in the key drawer. As she began her hunt, I double checked the drawer and found it. She reminded me never to speak of these things to anyone. But I forgot.


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