Future Prayers

Unlike other scandals implicating politicians, you will not see the one about broken prayer promises being reported by the media. That is because so many newscasters and analysts have themselves shown up on the lists of those who have not kept promises to keep victims of tragedies in their prayers. Most everyone was caught off guard by the revelation that prayer promises could even be tracked. I was more surprised by how many adults pray daily (more than half) and weekly (over 70%). Apparently even non believers will pray for their own healing. Many people will also pray for close family members and very close friends. But prayers are not being registered for victims who are strangers anywhere near the proportion of promises made. Lip service is paid with expressions like, “You will be in our prayers” and “We will all be praying for you” but the speaker is too often found using “our” and “we” to delegate the actual praying to others. This may change now that prayer deficiencies are being exposed and indulgences are being repossessed. I actually give credit to those committing to pray, regardless of follow through, because the expressions quoted above are basically prayers themselves. We will all be praying for anyone injured while reading this Blog.


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