Love Hate

Pete Carroll was my enemy when he coached football at the University of Southern California. Then he became my hero as coach of the Seattle Seahawks. I rooted against Donald Trump during his campaign for President and now I have to root for him to do good things. I used to hate dandruff and the thought of going bald. But according to my rate of hair loss calculations (learning quadratic equations really paid off), I will be bald in my 80’s and dandruff will be less of a problem. And I do want to make it to my 80’s, so now I am forced to eagerly look forward to baldness. I have seen people love each other enough to get married and then hate each other enough to go through a bitter divorce. The only constant seems to be my love for myself. And yet people hate that about me. It does not seem possible but history proves that I could one day love beets and hate Pete Carroll again.


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